Home made lasagna recipe

In this Article you will find how to make lasagna in home easy recipe.We always provide our best recipe to all the readers.So most famous home made lasagna recipe is ready for the viewers of cookingbaconinoven.
Instruction and ingredients are follow as



Beef Mince: ½ Kg
Onion: Medium Size
Ginger: 1 Tea Spoon
Tomato: 8 Medium sizes (Blend form)
Tomato Paste: 4 Tablespoon
Sugar: 1 Tea Spoon
Salt: 1 Tea Spoon
Black Pepper: 1 Tea Spoon
Oregano: Tea Spoon
Oil: As Required
Mozzarella Chizz: 1 Cup
Lemon Juice: To Taste
Garlic, Ginger Paste: 1 Tea Spoon
Chili Garlic Ketchup: 1 Table Spoon
Lausanne: 1 Packet

White Sauce Ingredients
Butter: 3 Table Spoon
Floor: 3 Table Spoon
Milk: 3 Cups
Chatter Chizz: 2 Cup
Salt: As Required
Oregano: ¼ Tea Spoon

Method of Home made lasagna recipe

Put a required quantity of oil in pan on fire. Mix some beef mince in it and cook while 5 minutes. Then add chopped garlic & onion (In slice form) in it and cook. Add blend tomatoes in it and cover than pan, let it cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, add red pepper, black pepper, slat ginger garlic paste, tomato paste, chili garlic ketchup, oregano & sugar. Then let it be shimmer. After shimmer it will be ready to serve.

Take a pan, add water, salt and oil in it and after boiling, add lazania in it and cook it for 15 minutes, after 5 minutes of the flame. Put boil lasagna in net and dip in fresh water for some time.

White Sauce:
Put butter in a pan and put on stove, let it melt and remove from stove. Take a separate bowl and put flour, salt, black pepper & oregano in it. Mix these all and pour in butter pan. Mix gently all mixtures of items & put on fire after mixing.
Put a little quantity of milk in it and blend, then pour some more milk and mix and so on.
After getting thick, add cheese in it. Turn off the flame white sauce in ready.

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